What Customers Say About Klox

"Klox has radically changed the value proposition for contractor software by offering a fully integrated solution that is completely mobile, ready-to-use and very affordable.  It’s not just accounting software – it’s a real time operations management system.”

"Taurus Consulting is an IT support and integration service firm focused on helping customers (including specialty contractors) manage their businesses more profitably and efficiently though the use of accounting software and Windows network technology.  As a Sage Software reseller, our primary solution for contractor clients has been office-based systems with $15,000-20,000 price tags -- and no integrated solution for field employees.  Our smaller customers can’t afford this and our larger customers often want an integrated solution for their field employees.  Mobile solutions to date have consisted of poorly integrated 3rd party add-ons or expensive software customization.  Klox has radically changed the value proposition for contractor software by offering a fully integrated solution that is completely mobile, ready-to-use and very affordable.  It’s not just accounting software – it’s a real time operations management system.

Klox not only offers the mobile field capabilities, but also provides a complete "feature rich" end-to-end solution -- from estimate to invoice -- all in one easy-to-use real time system.  The app is well organized and intuitive.  With Klox, the benefits are realized upfront the very first day as field employees clock in and out of tasks as they work, keying in job notes and/or materials used as they go.  No more filling out time sheets, "cutting and pasting" from laptop notes into emails and then "cutting and pasting" back at the office to create a project status document or service invoice. The Klox system already has all the fieldwork, labor and materials information "invoice ready" for the office manager.  With approval just a mouse click away, invoices are sent out the next business day.
Klox not only offers the mobile field capabilities that we and our clients really need, but it does so at a price of less than $1/day per employee on the system.  The value proposition Klox offers contractors, whether they are IT, professional services, plumbing, HVAC or electrical/datacom contractors, is incredible.  We now run our business on Klox and we recommend Klox to any client that is in the project/contract service business.”

-- Dennis McVeigh, Taurus Consulting, LLC


-- Dennis McVeigh, Taurus Consulting, LLC
"Klox is intuitive, easy to use and saves the time we used to spend on the phone and creating and managing paperwork.  It has also helped us become more organized as a business.  It really is amazing.”

"Klox is amazing.  We're a small plumbing firm focused on delivering high quality service to longstanding residential  and general contracting customers. Quickbooks and flip phones were the extent of the technology we used before Klox.  We communicated via phone calls and voice mails, created and collected time sheets and prepared customer invoices by hand.  It was all very time-consuming.  Klox streamlines this work and eliminates the need for creating, managing and re-creating paperwork, freeing up time for higher value work that needs to get done -- and for keeping an eye on our very active and inquisitive 7-year old son, when he gets home from school :>)

Best yet, we learned and adjusted to the Klox system in a matter of weeks.  Right from the start, the scheduling, messaging and maps / driving directions features Klox provides enabled us to reduce time dedicated to communications and travel.  We also use Klox to spec out each new job, then to easily track all the time and materials used for each task on each job.   Ken now has all the information he needs in the field right at his fingertips.  Klox is well thought out and enables us to be better organized.  We've even used the video, photo and voice notes feature to document what we find on the job site and how we leave it – if we ever have to explain to a customer how a job went, those notes are going to come in very handy.

Before Klox, we were already pretty good at invoicing -- we typically invoice within a week of performing the work.  With Klox, we can do even better, easily getting them out as soon as the work is completed.  No more searching for, and organizing, all the job information in order to create the invoice.  All the information is right there, already collected by the Klox system.  Ken can even generate an invoice for service calls at the job site, so he can get paid before leaving the job site.  We have wonderful customers, who are generally ready to pay as Ken is leaving their home, but he’s always had to tell them in the past, “I’ll have Gill send you the bill.”  With Klox, he can now present the bill right there, when our customers are ready to pay.  It eliminates a lot of follow up work.

-- Gill Holey, Ken Holey Plumbing & Heating



-- Gill Holey, Ken Holey Plumbing & Heating

Type of Business

  • Klox is designed for the small-to-midsized specialty contractor with a mobile work force.


HV Electrical Energy Field Services Drywall/Plaster
LV Electronics Site Work Siding/Roofing
HVAC Finish Carpentry Tile/Terrazo
Plumbing Framing Glass/Glazier
IT/Datacom Masonry Landscaping







Company Size

  • 2 to 100+ employees

Work Types

  • Project Work – New Construction, Renovation, Installation
  • Service Work – Service Calls, Maintenance Contracts, M&R

Employee Types

  • Self-Managed
    • higher hourly billing rates, performing a wide variety of tasks, independently
    • examples: electricians, plumbers, HVAC, IT/Datacom, energy field services, earthmovers and finish carpenters
  • Supervised Crews*
    • lower hourly billing rates, performing few unique tasks, member of supervised crew
    • examples: include: landscapers, painters, roofers, framers, sheetrockers, insulators, masons and tile setters

Common Challenges

  • reliance on time-consuming phone calls and job site visits to manage and monitor field-based employees
  • inability to efficiently collect and process information required for invoicing, payroll and inventory management


* Crew Management functionality is anticipated for release in the third quarter of 2012