Annual Savings per Field Employee: >22,500*

Reduced Administrative Costs

  • Automated time tracking and payroll
  • Automated purchasing and inventory management
  • Streamlined invoicing

Reduced Field Operations Costs

  • Reduced unscheduled supply runs
  • More efficient scheduled supply runs
  • Time reporting (eliminate time sheets)
  • Improved drive-time efficiency (GPS/Maps)

Reduced Working Capital Costs

  • Accelerated receivables via accelerated invoicing
  • Reduced excess inventory
  • Streamlined invoicing

Increased Revenue

  • Improved invoice collectability
  • Improved bidding


* Expected savings based upon detailed contractor interviews. Contractors interviewed are in the electrical, plumbing and HVAC industries and have between 2 and 20 employees. These employees would be "self managed"users of the Klox system, not supervised crews.


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