Klox Experts

expertRole of Klox Expert

The Klox customer support model utilizes both convenient self-help resources and local Klox Experts to provide “first responder" support to field and office users.  Utilizing Klox Experts provides your employees with consistent support from familiar resources and minimizes your cost for customer service.

How it Works

Each company that subscribes to Klox designates an employee to be its Klox Expert.  This is typically a member of the office staff familiar with most of the business operations of the company. Klox focuses on supporting your Expert, so that your Expert can support your employees.  Experts are provided with training, access to the Web-based Klox Expert Forum and immediate, direct access to Klox Gurus.

Expert Forum and Klox Gurus

The Klox Expert Forum enables Experts to ask and answer questions, exchange best practices and tips and make suggestions for improving Klox.  The Expert Forum is designed with search features and easy navigation to locate answers to specific questions and discussions on specific topics.  All Klox users are provided read-only access to the Expert Forum, but only Experts (or Klox Gurus) can add content. Klox Experts have access to Klox Gurus via e-mail, for more complex questions not requiring immediate support, or via either Live Web chat or a toll-free number, for quick questions requiring immediate assistance.