Subscription Plans

Klox provides customers with two plans from which to choose:


Evaluation Plan

Value Plan

Monthly rate, per user



One time set-up charge, per user


First 5 users:        $250 ea.
Next 15 users:      $200
Next 30 users:      $150 ea.
Next 50 users:      $125 ea.
All other users:     $100 ea.

Discounted monthly rate for “inactive” users






3 Free Group Sessions

Support (optional)

10 hours of live support at $50/hour (60% savings)


"More profit. Less pain" Guarantee

"More profit. Less pain." Guarantee

If you use Klox for 75 days and let us know within 90 days of initial subscription that its not for you, then we will refund all subscription fees. The “More profit. Less pain.” Guarantee is our agreement that IF you, after using the Klox service (the “Service”) consistently, as determined by Klox in its sole (but reasonable) discretion, for a 75-day period of time (the “Evaluation Period”), notify Klox in writing within 15-days of the end of the Evaluation Period (the “Notification Period”) that you wish, for any reason, to terminate your use of the Service, Klox will refund to you all user fees paid (setup and recurring monthly fees) and remaining deposit, if any, paid by you to Klox. Failure to consistently use the Klox system during the Evaluation Period and/or notify Klox of a decision to terminate the Service within the Notification Period, will invalidate this money-back guarantee.

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What’s a User?
Subscriptions Versus Accounts
Inactive Accounts

What's a User?

Field Employees using the Klox Mobile App on their phones to work independently


Office Employees using the Klox Web App (from any Web-connected computer) to perform management or administrative work.

Example: Selecting Employee Subscriptions

Bob’s Electrical

Bob has 8 employees: 6 electricians (including himself) and 2 office staff. Since Bob and his field employees all work independently on multiple job sites and tasks during the day, he purchased a User Subscription for each of them. In the office, Bob has designated only one of his office staff to use Klox. Klox Subscriptions: 7

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Subscriptions Versus Accounts:

An Employee Account is created and maintained on the Klox system for each employee you wish to use Klox. There is a direct relationship between an Employee Account and a specific employee.

Each Employee Subscription you purchase from Klox permits you to create and maintain an Employee Account on the Klox system. There is no direct correlation between an Employee Subscription and an Employee Account. Therefore, you can add and subtract Employee Accounts (replace certain employees with others) at no additional cost, so long as at all times:

The total number of Employee Accounts (“Active User” and “Inactive” combined) does not exceed the number of User Subscriptions.

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Inactive Accounts:

An Account may be “deactivated” when not in use by setting the employee status to Inactive in the Klox system. Data in Inactive Employee Accounts cannot be modified until the account is “reactivated.”

Inactive accounts are used to allow companies to handle fluctuations in employment, without incurring the Initial Set-up Fees associated with closing and re-opening Employee Accounts.

For customers participating in the Value Plan, inactive Employee Accounts are charged a reduced monthly subscription rate of $3. The status of an Employee Account MUST be selected by the customer to be “Inactive” FOR THE ENTIRE BILLING MONTH in order to receive the reduced subscription rate. Simply lacking activity for an entire billing month is not sufficient for an Employee Account to receive the reduced subscription rate for that billing month.

The total number of Employee Accounts, including Inactive Employee Accounts, may not exceed the total number of Employee Subscriptions at any time.

For billing purposes, Employee Subscriptions in excess of the total Employee Accounts existing in the Klox system (“Active User” and “Inactive” combined) are deemed to be Inactive and, therefore, are charged a $3 monthly subscription rate.

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