Live Support

Phone Support

5 Hours:


(1-year expiration)

20 Hours:


(2-year expiration)

50 Hours:


(4-year expiration)

Live phone support is available to all Klox users. A unique company code will be provided to each company. Upon answering a call to the Klox support line (855-ASK-KLOX), the Klox Guru will ask for this code and the employee's username on the Klox system. All phone support is tracked by the hour, rounded up to 5-minute increments. Klox offers prepaid phone support packages and hourly support, billed monthly in arrears.
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Live Chat Support  (coming soon)


Unlimited access for Klox Experts only


Live Guru Chat support is available on a monthly subscription basis and ONLY to a Klox Expert. Each Klox Expert subscribed to the live chat service will have access to, and be charged for, the service.
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