• How do I sign up for Klox?
  • How long does it take to get Klox up and running?
  • Is there a minimum contract period?
  • How do I get Klox loaded on my computers and smartphones?
  • How do I add a newly hired employee to the service?
  • How much training time will field employees need to be able to use Klox?
  • Do I need to purchase a data plan for my mobile devices?

How do I sign up for Klox?

There are three ways to "sign up for Klox," and it's all done right on our Web site.

The "Sandbox"

The easist way to try Klox out.  It's free and no credit card is required.  There's no data you need to enter to get started, because the sandbox is pre-loaded with sample company data you can play with.  You let us know who you are and we'll provide you a temporary username and password that works with both the Web and mobile app.  You can download the mobile app for free from the Apple App Store.  You access the Web app at  We even provide you access to some beginner How-To videos.  You get to learn about Klox by listening, watching and doing.  Warning: this is a public instance of Klox -- others may be using it as well -- so don't enter any data here that you wish to keep private.  

14-Day FREE Trial

Once again, it's free and no credit card is required.  However, this is now your own private instance of Klox, so it's safe to enter your company's own data (customers, employees, projects, etc.) -- in fact, you'll need to do so, because this private instance does not come pre-loaded with sample company data.  Because it is your own private instance, it is safe to enter your own company's data.  You'll need to let us know a little about your company and you'll need to participate in a 15-minute online orientation session before starting.  As your free trial nears the end of its term, we'll send you an email reminder to subscribe and offer you a discount if you have been actively using Klox during your free trial.  If you subscribe, you will be charged for any upfront fees and your first month's service at that time.  No deposit is taken.


Subscribing is easy.  You do need to give us a credit card to subscribe.  You subscribe your company's users under either the Evaluation Plan or the Value Plan.  All company users must be signed up under the same plan, but you may switch plans for your company at any time.  The Evaluation Plan charges a higher monthly subscription fee in exchange for charging no upfront fee at all, so it has the lowest short-term cost.  The Value Plan charges an initial set-up fee, but then charges a lower monthly subscription fee, so it has the lowest long-term cost.  If you subscribe under either plan directly, rather than during a free trial, then you be charged a $500 deposit at the time of subscription, which will be used to offset subscription fees.